Web designing is not just about coding, but in fact, it is much more than that. Imagine you are searching google for some topics, then you came with the lists of websites. Then you click on a particular website, what is the first thing you gonna interact with, obviously, it would be the look and feel of the website. Now, let’s say that a particular website is poorly designed i.e. wrong colour combination, unorganized content, and so on. Will you stay longer on that website? the answer will be a big NO. Imagining this situation is enough to tell the importance of a good web design. And good web design comes from a skilled web designer.

I’m listing 5 essential skills that every web designers should have and they are:

1. In-depth knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript:


These three web languages are pillars for successful web design. Let’s talk about HTML first, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. The purpose of HTML is to create a basic website layout. Next is CSS, It stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Its purpose is to style the web pages. And the third one is JavaScript which provides functionality to the websites. If you want tutorials about web design you can search our tutorials channel Novadroid360 Tutorials on YouTube or alternatively you can click here to access it.

Many web design companies use Twitter Bootstrap for the designing of the website for their clients. Talking about Bootstrap, it is the most popular Front-end framework based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But one can learn easily bootstrap after having a clear concept of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap has several design components which you can use and reuse and make designing the website faster. There are several other benefits of using bootstrap for web design project which I will write in another post. now coming to the second point.

2. Learning Attitude:

When we talk about technology, it keeps on changing from time to time. It is the responsibility of the web designer to stay up to date with the newer versions of web design languages as well as new coding languages. This will put him/her ahead of others in the company. “Never stop learning” attitude is the best thing you can have to grow your web design career.

3.Time-mangement skills:

Time is money

Benjamin Franklin.

As a web designer, you have to meet time deadlines for projects. Time is precious. It is always good to deliver projects within an appropriate time limit. From my web designing experience, I know that time is very important if you miss the deadlines, you will leave the clients and bosses annoyed. So it is always better to keep track of time.



Apart from coding languages it will be added advantage that you know other useful software as well. Like Adobe Photoshop for creating graphics for the websites. The second is adobe Illustrator for creating vector-based logo and Icons for the website and there are many others. Adobe Photoshop and illustrator are paid tools but the good thing is that their free alternatives are also available on the internet.

5.Good communication skills:

Good communication skills are very important in any profession. With respect to web designing, one has to understand what are the goals that a client wants to achieve through his /her website. For that crystal clear communication is essential. Communication among team members is also very vital.

So these are a few important essential skills for a web designer, that he/she should possess to become a good web designer. I’m sure there are others too, comment on your favourite skill(s) and let me know what you think about this topic. And share this post with your friends and family. Thanks.

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