Information for the Users about sitemap:

According to google, a sitemap is file that provide the information about all the pages, pdfs, videos, etc. I mean those pages, videos, etc. that are present in the specific website. This sitemap page is very important for the search engines.

The examples of search engines are Google, Microsoft Bing and yahoo. There are several others but they are not as efficient as these three search engines. Moreover, when talking about these search engines, they use sitemaps to crawl the pages in website.

So in simple word this page helps Search Engines to discover important parts of the website easily. Moreover, if any CMS ( stands for Content Mangement Systems ) is used in particular website. Then there is full chance that the sitemap of the website is already created.

Let me explain you about the CMS in brief. The Content Management Systems or CMS in short allows even non-technical person to add, edit and manage their own website content. That means there is no requirement to be technical enough to manage the website contents.

So, enough talking about the sitemaps and all. In this page all pages are listed and posts by category from Novadroid360 Blog.


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