How to use Remote Desktop with Teamviewer

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What is Remote Desktop?

When anybody says remote desktop, it usually refers to a software application or a characteristic of an operating system that allows a PC to be operated remotely. This happens with the help of the Internet or a network. I will share various free and paid software for this soon. For now, let’s focus on the Teamviewer.

When to use it?

When you are away from your office but still need to work with all of your important applications and documents present in your office computers. This type of option becomes much useful when you can’t be physically present in your work location. This kind of facility enables the employees of an organisation to be more flexible with little to no change in their workflows.

What is Teamviewer?

So now let’s talk about the Teamviewer software. In simplest terms, Teamviewer is software that shares the screen of your PC or Laptop in real-time using the internet. Along with that, the user which sees your screen can also control mouse and keyboard inputs.

It means that if anyone that has access to your computer system using Teamviewer software if he/she wants can open certain applications using a mouse and give input using the keyboard. Just like that distant person is sitting next to you and operating your computer.

Not only that you can also share files too with Teamviewer. But it is not recommended. If you want to use Teamviewer for non-commercial purpose then there is a free plan for that. But if you are planning to use it for commercial purpose then you must buy their commercial subscription.

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Teamviewer has applications for Android and IOS. And this guide is mainly based on the usage of the remote desktop using an android smartphone. So now let’s see how we can control Windows PC using Android Smartphone Having Teamviewer app installed.

Steps to use remote desktop using the Teamviewer:

  1. First, go to this web address.
  2. Select your version of the Windows OS mine is 64-bit Windows so I will select that.Teamviewer website
  3. After downloading run the setup and choose default installation.Teamviewer Installation step 1
  4. When the installation is completed it will ask you to choose the usage criteria as shown below. Choose the option that best suits you. In order to use for personal purpose, select middle option.Teamviewer Installation part 2
  5. Now launch the Teamviewer application. It will look something like this in the image below. When you look at the red region as highlighted. You will notice a user Id and password is given.Teamviewer GUI
  6. Go to Play Store and search “TeamViewer for remote control” and select the app.Using remote desktop with Teamviewer
  7. Now open Teamviewer on Android smartphone and in the field of partner ID, fill the ID given in the desktop Teamviewer. After that tap on the remote control button.Using remote desktop with Teamviewer
  8. It will now ask you for the password, so enter the password and tap on ok.
  9. And here you go, you are now connected to the desktop using your android smartphone remotely.using remote desktop with teamviewer


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