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In this How-To Guide, I will show you the exact steps to create group in Instagram. So what is Instagram first? For those who are completely new to the name of this popular platform let me tell you it is social media. Yes just like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc are social media platforms. On Instagram, you can share photos and videos with your friends and family.

Furthermore, Instagram is quite a popular social media platform as more than 1 billion people uses it every month. In addition to that, when we look at other statistics related to Instagram then we will find out its users spent a good amount of average time i.e. 30 minutes per day. So let’s know more about the platform and then we will see the group creation process on Instagram.

Features of Instagram:


When you will upload any image post on Instagram you will get the options of various image filters. And each of those filters will create a different look and feel for your post. And this makes it different and amazing. The name of image filters are Moon, Lark, Juno to name a few.

Video Posts:

You can also post videos on the platform and share them with your known ones. This feature is also helpful for video marketers. Because the video can explain complicated stuff which can’t be explained by a single image or a series of images. Also, after the TikTok social media was banned in India, Instagram created a short video feature called the Instagram Reels.

For those who don’t know about TikTok social media, it is mainly known for short video content. When talking about short video features, the largest video sharing platform YouTube has also brought its own short video feature named YouTube Shorts.

Instagram Stories:

This is one of the most amazing features. When you follow a brand or any person profile you can see the stories whenever they create them. These stories stay for only 24 hours in the follower’s feed. From that I mean to say that after 24 hours the stories disappear from the feed. This feature was first added to the platform in the year 2016.

Stories Highlights:

So just now we have come to know about Instagram Stories, now what are stories Highlights? since we all know that stories disappear after 24 Hours. So, the stories highlight feature enables us to select the best stories that we want to keep for later use in the profile as long as we want them.

Instagram Stories video:

Videos are amazing when put into Instagram stories. The maximum allowed length for Instagram stories videos is 15 seconds. So you have to take care of the time limit. And there are several other features like IGTV, Instagram live etc which we will not cover otherwise this article will become lengthy.

to create group in Instagram:

Note: This How-To guide is based on Instagram Lite app for Android devices.
  1. First open the Instagram app and tap on the message icon as highlighted in the screenshot below.
  1. Then a new screen will come then again tap on pencil icon.
  1. Select your friends by tapping on their names and after that tap on Chat to proceed further.
  1. After that send some message to the group of selected people. Like for example I am sending the message “Welcome to Novadroid360 Blog Group” and tap on send.
  1. Now the group has been successfully created. The next step is to rename the group. You can do so by tapping on the “i” icon.
  1. Now Enter the name, I have entered the name Tech group. After doing that tap on done.
  1. So now the Name has been changed to Tech Group and our Instagram group is also ready.

Final Words:

So I hope this How-To Guide made you clear every step to create a group on Instagram. Groups are an essential component of every social media because this kind of feature brings people of the same interest together. Also, don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comment section below. Also please share this with your friends and family. Thanks a lot for reading and please keep supporting this blog.

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