Features of C Programming language

It is very important for us to know the features of a programming language that we are learning. Because, first, it helps us to distinguish between various other programming languages. And second, it helps us to do a selection of language according to our requirements for the project. As different projects have different requirements, for example, some needs faster execution and some needs more memory management, etc. So, let’s jump into the features of the C programming language:

  1. Simplicity.
  2. Fast.
  3. Rich library.
  4. Portable.
  5. Structured language.
  6. Case Sensitive.

Now let’s understand these features:

  • Simplicity: The first feature of C language is its simplicity. The syntax of the language is easy and simple to understand. Apart from simplicity, it is also efficient because of which it is popular even today.
  • Fast: C has a faster execution time
  • Rich library: There are many inbuilt functions in the library which can make development faster and easier.
  • Portability: C is highly portable, means the code written in one machine can be executed on a different machine with little or no changes.
  • Structured Programming Language: One of the best features of C is a structured language. In that sense, the program can be divided or split into smaller modules with the help of functions. As this makes the code reuse and easier expansion of programs.
  • Case Sensitive: This language is case sensitive means if we declare a variable of integer type like int a; then if we use uppercase alphabet A then both ‘a’ and “A”, will be treated differently and not same.

So, this was all about the features of the C programming language in this lesson. Now, in the next lesson, we will see a basic C program and understand each part of the program.

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