C language Introduction and its importance

C programming language was first invented and implemented by Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie at Bell Labs in 1972. A point may have come to your mind is that, why to learn this programming language when it is such old? So, before we deep dive into the concepts, we need to look at several reasons to understand the worth of learning the language today.

So, the reasons are:

  1. Whatever programming languages you may have heard of, C is the first step in the journey of learning programming languages.
  2. There are several popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX and android. The major parts of those operating systems are written in C Language. Because C has a better speed of execution than other languages.
  3. Device driver Softwares are completely written in C.
  4. C is the language behind popular gaming frameworks like DirectX.
  5. It is extensively used for the development of embedded systems.

“The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it.”

Dennis Ritchie
Dennis Ritchie

Now at this point in time, you know the importance of this language. So how to learn it on novadroid360. The steps are clear and simple. First, on this website, we will give you concepts and then we will provide the program(s) based on that if possible. For best results follow the tutorials step by step if you skip the sequence then you might feel difficulty in understanding of the concepts. If you face any difficulty, then make sure to ask questions in the comment box. We will try our best to address your doubts. In the end, you’ll get bonus programs to enhance your learning for even further.

One last thing, try to write programs and run in your computer system. Practice it as much as possible because with only practice you can achieve better results in the language. Happy Coding!

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