How To Pause Instagram Reels [2024]

how to pause instagram reels

Among all the social media platforms out there, Instagram is one of the very much popular social media sites. And can you guess the most amazing feature of this social media platform? You guessed it right it is none other than Reels or we can say Instagram reels. Want to know the ways to pause Instagram Reels? Well look no further, I have covered it in this how-to article for both mobile as well as for desktop.

There are few Instagram statistics which you should know if you use this platform. Firstly, Instagram has about two billion active monthly users. Moreover, it is the third most used social media platform in the world. These few statistics are enough to describe its popularity. Now coming back to Instagram reels to know it in detail jump to the next section of this article after that we will see ways to pause reels on Instagram.

What Is Instagram Reels?

So, in case if you do not know much about Instagram reels, it is nothing but short-form videos on the Instagram platform. It’s maximum duration can be up to 90 seconds. You can record and edit reels videos in which you can apply any trending song to your reels, add effects and you can even replace your background with one provided by the Instagram to name a few.

Furthermore, Instagram has a dedicated section for the Reels video contents. Reels can be used by both brands as well as content creators to show their creativity and increase their reach on the platform. Let us now see how to pause reels on Instagram both on smartphone as well as on laptop or desktop.

Ways To Pause Instagram Reels:

For Smartphones:

how to pause instagram reels

In case if you just tap on the reels video and take your finger back it will just mute the reels audio. And if you tap again, it will unmute reels audio. So, what is the way to pause a reels video on Instagram? Well, to do that simply open your desired reels video on your smartphone and touch on empty area on the screen.

And there you go the reels video will be paused. But when you remove your finger from the touch screen the reels video will start playing again. So, in a nutshell, the reels video will be paused for as long as you keep the screen touched with your finger. And reels video will be unpaused when finger will be removed from the touch screen.

For Desktops/Laptops:

To pause reels video on desktop or on laptop simply click on the video it will pause the reels. And click again on the video to unpause.

Final Words:

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