Android Setup Keeps Stopping: 7 Best Possible Fixes

android setup keeps stopping

If you are an Android smartphone or tablet user, then you might have encountered the most common error while setting up your device which is “android setup keeps stopping” error. Moreover, this error for sure will stop you from using your device smoothly and will lead you to frustration.

But worry no more in this how-to article I will walk you through the important and useful fixes that you can apply on your device to remove the “android setup keeps stopping” error. And after that you can use the device as smooth as butter. But before we land on to the possible fixes let us first know few things about “Android Setup” app.

As it will directly help you to better understand the app and after that we will know some prerequisites and then jump on to the possible fixes. So, without any delay we all first know about the Android Setup app.

What Is The Android Setup App?

The “Android setup” app comes pre-installed in every android device. It is very important app in android device as it helps in setting up of a new phone, helps in managing the applications, install a custom ROM and to restore old apps. In the next section of this article there are some prerequisites follow those for the better chances of fixing your device.

Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying Fixes:

Backup all your Important data:

It is very crucial to have a backup of your important data before applying fixes. So, in case if anything goes wrong with the important data on your device you will be on safe side with your data backup.


Make sure the battery of your device has sufficient charge. So that it does not goes off while applying fixes. If your device’s battery is low, then make sure to plug-in the charger.

Stable Internet Connection:

Some fixes or steps require stable internet connection so make sure to have one. If you are on mobile data, then you should have sufficient data pack on your device. Or if you have any broad plan in your home or office then it will be way much better.

Google Account:

And last but not the least you should have a working google account as you may require to login to your google account to setup device.

Possible fixes for Android Setup Keeps Stopping:

Restart Device To Fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping:

First of all, the simplest and easy fix is to restart your android device. There can be a temporary issue that might be causing the android setup keeps stopping error. So, restarting your device may solve the issue. As when you restart your device, it gets fresh start and chances are high that the temporary issue causing the error will be solved easily.

So, to restart your android device follow the steps below:

  1. First press and hold the power button of your device.
  2. Then simply tap on “Restart” option as in my case. It may be displayed as “reboot” then simply tap on it.
  3. Restart Device to fix android setup keeps stopping

  4. Allow your device to shut down and restart this will take a few minutes. So do not worry.

Check if the error disappeared or not. If the android setup keeps stopping error is coming again then head for the next possible fix.

Clear Cache and Data of Android Setup app:

If the first fix failed to remove the android setup keeps stopping error, then the next fix is to clear Android setup app’s cache as well as data. To perform this fix, follow easy steps mentioned below:

  1. First head over to “Settings App”.

  2. Then simply tap on “Apps” in your case it might be different so search for the option related to Apps.
  3. apps option in settings
  4. After that tap on “See All Apps”

  5. Find “Android Setup” app and tap on it.
  6. Android setup app

  7. Then simply tap on “Storage and cache”.
  8. Storage and cache

  9. At last tap on both the options “Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache”.

By doing so temporary files will be deleted which might be causing the error. And after following the steps the error android setup keeps stopping may get resolved.

TIP: If you are unable to find the “Android Setup” app then simply tap on three dots (⋮) present on top right corner. Then tap on “Show system apps” option. You will now find out “Android Setup” app.

Update Android Operating System to fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping:

Android Operating System needs software updates from time to time. It is a good idea to keep OS software up to date because updating the software will fix bugs and will improve the performance of the device. So, like I have said earlier you can update your Android Operating System and the error android setup keeps stopping might get fixed. So, to update your device operating system follow the steps:

  1. Head over to “Settings” App.
  2. Tap on “System Updates”.
  3. System updates

  4. If any update is available for your device, then simply “download and install” the updates.

TIP: If you are unable to find “System updates” option then try tapping on “System” first. Then you may find “System updates” option.

Disable Conflicting Apps:

If you suspect that a particular app is buggy or in simple words, it has bugs then try uninstalling that particular app. And this might remove the android setup keeps stopping error and you are good to go. Also, try disabling your anti-virus or anti-malware app as it might be also creating issues for your android device.

Check Google Play Services:

There is a chance that Google play services data as well as cache both might be corrupted. And that is causing the error android setup keeps stopping. So, try to clear the storage and cache both of the Google Play Services and that might fix the error. Follow the steps:

  1. Head over to “Settings”
  2. Tap on “Apps”.
  3. Find and tap on “Google Play Services”.
  4. Tap on “Storage & Cache”.
  5. Tap on “Manage space” and “Clear cache” option to delete corrupt data.

If everything above has failed to remove the error, then you have only two options left in your hand. So, let’s see the next fix.

Factory Reset your Phone to fix Android Setup Keeps Stopping:

Factory reset option is the second last option in this how-to article but there are high chances that this step will resolve android setup keeps stopping error. If you are not clear about what factory reset will do, then you do not need to worry about. Factory reset will simply erase all the data on your android smartphone or tablet and restores the factory state of the device. So, want to factory reset your phone follow the steps listed below:

Note: Make sure that all your important data is backed-up before doing Factory reset on your device.

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Then tap on “System”.

  3. Tap on “Reset options”.
  4. Reset option

  5. Finally tap on “Erase all data (factory reset)”.
  6. Erase all data factory reset
  7. And follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

After completing factory reset, configure your device, and see if the error disappeared or not. If error is still coming then there is last resort option that you may take, let’s see the next section.

Last Resort Option (Contact device manufacturer):

You can contact to the device manufacturer if all the above method has failed to resolve the error android setup keeps stopping. You can go to the service centre of your android device brand for the fix of the error.

Tips for smooth functioning of Android Device:

Helpful Tips for smooth Android Device
  • Uninstall those apps which you do not use.
  • Do not sideload android apps.
  • Scan your device after certain intervals for virus and malware.
  • Keep your android device up to date with software updates.
  • Do not visit unsafe websites such as malware infected websites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I fix my Android setup keeps stopping?

There can be various reasons because of which your Android device is showing the error Android Setup Keeps Stopping. It can be corrupted storage and cache data of android setup app, hardware issues, out-of-date software, incompatible apps, etc. to troubleshoot the issues follow the fixes mentioned in this guide.

How do I finish my Android setup?

These steps will be useful after you factory reset your device. So, to finish your android setup: insert a SIM card > connect to Wi-Fi > add Google account of yours > setup a screen lock > add account recovery options.

Why does my Android settings keep stopping?

If you are facing “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” issue this can be caused by a corrupted cache files. It will be better to clear settings cache and see if the error goes away or not.

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