What Is Whatscan? Full Information You Need To Know

What is Whatscan

In this post, we will see about the whatscan app. But before that let’s talk about WhatsApp, the most popular chat app. You might be wondering why at first I’m talking about WhatsApp. This is because this app is related to the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp is a very popular chat app because the figures say it. As of July 2021, two billion users were accessing their WhatsApp account on monthly basis. And there is also a chance that someone in your friends and family may be using this chat app.

Moreover, those people who use the WhatsApp application, also know that they can use it on their PC. And that is achieved by the option of linked devices( previously known as WhatsApp Web) which is currently at the beta stage. Also, the process of accessing the WhatsApp accounts on PC works by scanning the QR Code. When we talk about this app, it helps us to access WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones and tablets.

Let’s now deep dive into the application details.

Note: “WhatsApp web” option in WhatsApp application is now changed to “Linked Devices”. However it is in Beta Stage.

What is Whatscan?

The first thing about this app is that it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. And also it is available for free which is another great thing. This app shows a QR code and when you scan that QR code from another phone from the option “Linked Devices”. Then everything in that WhatsApp account will be accessed from the smartphone having the Whatscan app.

From everything I mean to say that along with chats you will get access to all the media files from that account. So If you have more than one smartphone and want to access your WhatsApp chat account(s) on multiple devices you can use this app on all of your mobile devices. Another usage of this application is for spying on somebody else Whatsapp account.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post on whatscan is entirely for informational purposes. We do not support the usage of this app for any Illegal purposes or activities.

Like take this example, suppose you want to keep an eye on your child Whatsapp account, so you can protect his/her from connecting with the wrong people. And this is one use case of the Whatscan app and there can be several others depending upon the situation.

How it works?

In order to understand the working of this app, we first need to understand the working of Whatsapp web for PC. So when you access WhatsApp web on your pc by going through the link https://web.whatsapp.com. And it displays a random QR code and when you scan it from the WhatsApp application’s Linked devices option. And there you go, you get access to your WhatsApp account on your PC.

Likewise, this app also shows a random QR code and utilizes the Linked devices option of the Whatsapp application. And when you scan that QR code from the WhatsApp application, that account will be accessed from the new device. It will be like a dual chat option from the same account on two different devices.

How to use( Step by step guide):

To use the app follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Whatscan Application and make it to generate Random QR code.
  2. Now select the target phone whose chats has to be mirrored on other device.
  3. In Whatsapp application, go to menu and select Linked Devices option.
  4. tap on the “LINK A DEVICE” button and scan the QR code (provided by the Whatscan application on other device).

After following these steps you will successfully run the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. So now let’s see its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Whatscan:


  • You can use dual Whatsapp on single smartphone.
  • You can download media files shared in chats.
  • Can protect this app with the password.
  • Smaller in size as compared to other dual WhatsApp apps.


  • It may ruin your relationship with the person whom you are spying.
  • Sometimes App crashes on old android phones.

So we can say that this app is helpful in using WhatsApp on multiple mobile devices, by mimicking the WhatsApp web feature for pc. So, that’s all for this post, if you find it useful please share it with others. And thanks for reading this post.

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