What Is A Computer System? And Types Of Computers

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A computer system is an electronic device that takes input from the user, processes it using instructions, and produces an output. The computer stores the result in the storage devices such as hard disks drive. And the user can use the final result or the output in future. Moreover, a modern digital computer can perform various tasks like playing heavy graphics games, video editing, Graphics designing, web design and development, etc.

History of Computer System:

Firstly, I’m going to discuss a brief history of computers. The Analytical Engine was believed to be the first computer. It was invented in the year 1837 by Charles Babbage. Moreover, Charles Babbage is known as the father of the computer. Analytical Engine was a mechanical computer and uses punch cards for the input. Most importantly, It was capable of solving any type of Mathematical problem. And used to store the result/information in permanent memory.

Basic components of a computer system:

The basic components of this electronic device are those components without which a computer will be unable to function properly. So, they are:

  • Input Unit: This is the first step. We give input to the computer using input devices like a keyboard for it to process. For example, we can use the keyboard to type data on the notepad program. At the same time, the computer processes the keystrokes and display them on the output for the same. Moreover, the Examples of the input unit includes keyboard, mouse, Joystick, scanner etc.
  • Output Unit: After inputting the data into the computer it processes it and gives an output. So, the most common output unit is the monitor. We get the result in the monitor of this electronic device. Also, another output device includes speakers, printers, projectors, etc.
  • Storage Unit: When a user feeds raw data to the computer using the keyboard, it needs to be stored before processing it. Likewise, intermediate results also need to be stored when the computer processes that data. Moreover, the final result must be stored somewhere before outputting it to the output devices like a monitor. So storing the raw data, intermediate data and final information all are stored on the storage unit or primary storage.
  • Central Processing Unit(CPU): Central processing unit is responsible for all the activities that take place in a computer system. Just like our brain controls all the activities in our body. So we can also say that the CPU is the brain of the computer. The control unit, as well as the Arithmetic and logic unit, are combinedly termed as Central Processing Unit or CPU.
  • Arithmetical and Logical Unit: The Arithmetic and Logical Unit of the CPU is the place where all the calculations and comparisons are performed.
  • Control Unit: Control Unit does not do any actual processing on the data provided. Instead, the control unit of the CPU behaves as the central nervous system for the other components of the computer system. From that I mean to say that Control Unit directs and controls the activities of the internal and external devices.

So this was all about the basic components of a computer. Now let’s discuss the types of computers that are present in the world.

Types of Computer:

On the basis of the size of computers, it is of five types and they are:


These types of computers are the biggest and fastest computers in the world. They are designed specifically for processing large amounts of data. A supercomputer is capable of processing trillions of instructions in a second. These computers are used for weather forecasting, nuclear energy research and scientific simulations.

Mainframe Computer:

These types of computers are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously. It is capable of running multiple programs at the same time. Due to this reason, they are best suitable for the big organisations like banking sectors and telecom sectors.


It is also known as the Miniframe. This is a medium-sized multiprocessing computer. This type of computer has multiple processors and supports from 4 to 200 users at a time. Moreover, it is ideal for institutes and departments for tasks like billing, managing inventory and accounting.


A workstation is a high-performance computer designed for one user at a time. Workstation is ideal for business or professional use. It has a huge storage capacity with a powerful graphics adapter. This type of computer is best suited for video creation, video editing, animation and so on.


The other name of the microcomputer is a personal computer. Laptops and desktops are examples of microcomputers. This type of computer is suitable for individual use.


In conclusion, we can say that the computer has made our life easier. We can do more and more tasks in less time. No matter whether it is a personal computer or a Supercomputer. Please let me know what you think on this topic in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


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