10 Most Helpful Android Apps For Students

Android apps for students

Nowadays many of us are surrounded by smart devices. In which the most common smart device most of us have is smartphones. And when the matter of study comes in, the Google Play store has several helpful android apps. So in this post, I’ll list the 10 most helpful apps for the students by which they can get benefit in some way or another.

Udemy :

Udemy app contains a variety of video courses from self-development to coding tutorials. It has both Free and paid courses in it. Students get the option to learn from industry experts around the globe. In addition to that, students can see the ratings of the course they are more interested in.

Plus, every instructor also provides some parts of video lectures open to every student. This feature helps the student to find the best instructor. The thing about Udemy I like the most is that once you have purchased a course, you will get lifetime upgrades to the course at no extra cost. This makes it the most helpful Android apps on the list.

App link: Udemy

Duolingo :

Duolingo is the best free Android app for learning different languages. It has exercises that you can complete at your own pace. Its advantages are a lot which includes many language options, plus in the free plan, it has several features and so on. Moreover, it has an excellent podcast for languages like French and Spanish. The cons of the Duolingo app is that the Quantity of study materials varies from language to language.

App link: Duolingo

Khan Academy :

Khan academy is the best free app for learning academic courses. To learn subjects you don’t need to create an account, you can directly start learning. Subjects in this app include Maths, Hindi, Science, economics and several others. For their study materials, they have video lectures, quizzes and readings.

App link: Khan Academy

YouTube :

YouTube is another great platform for students to learn as well as showcase their skills. The educational content on the YouTube app is not limited to a particular subject. In fact, there is a lot of educational content that can be found on the app from a wide array of subjects and topics.

Also, the best point about YouTube is that accessing it is completely free just you need to have an active internet connection. Students can subscribe to their favourite educational channels from which they can get future videos from the best instructors. This makes it the most helpful Android apps on the list.

App link: YouTube

Lumosity :

This is the popular brain training app that is used by millions of users from around the world. This app has brain training exercises based on neuroscience research. Those training exercises or workouts are 5 minutes in length. Lumosity activities are designed by top neuroscientists to improve player’s  BPI or Brain Performance Index.

App Link: Lumosity

Sololearn :

This app is best for those students who love to code. And it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro in coding you will love this app. After having this app you can get FREE access to the tutorials of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java and so on. To make the learning effective it has short lessons, code challenges and quizzes within the app.

App link: Sololearn

Photomath :

Another great app for the students. As the name suggests it is an application for Mathematics subject. One can scan handwritten or printed math problems. And after that, it calculates the problem and shows the answer to that math problem. It offers multiple solving methods and has animated instructions.

Moreover, it has a scientific calculator inbuilt and for its operation, no internet connection is required. This makes it an amazing Math app for the students.

App link: Photomath

Stay Focused :

For most of the students, the big problem is the distraction while studying. For those students, an app called Stay Focused is a boon. This app will help you to study for a longer time without being distracted. As this app is able to block other apps until you whitelist those apps. You can also set daily or hourly usage for the apps after that they will be blocked. And ultimately you will be able to study without being distracted.

App link: Stay Focused

Oxford Dictionary of English :

Whenever we read any magazine or novel it is obvious that we may come across many new words. And this applies to anybody even to students. So Oxford dictionary is the best choice for them. It has a massive catalogue of words (over 350,000 words and phrases). And if you want to listen to the pronunciation of difficult and rare English words this app can help you with that.

App link: Oxford Dictionary

SkyView :

And last but not the least, SkyView is a straightforward and simple app. You have to simply point to the portion of the sky on the app. And then this app does all the work and helps in identifying Galaxies, Constellations, planets and so on. Its lite version is Free however another  Sky View app is a paid option.

App Link: SkyView


At last, we can conclude that apps are helping the students in their studies which were a difficult task a decade before. Yes, technology is changing the way we think and continuously shaping our future. So what app do you use? how much helpful that app is? mention below. And share your thoughts in the comments. And as always thanks for reading the post.

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