Metaverse Explained : Will This Tech Make Your Life Better?

Metaverse, the term became a big hype in the October of previous year that is 2021. And the reasons behind that we all know. In case you missed it, let me tell you that it became popular when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook as Meta.

Now the question might come into your mind, Is the concept new? I will say that its not new. In fact, the concept has been coming from many years. And Someone or the other has already tried to create his/her own Metaverse (we will look onto that).

At this point of time talking about the Metaverse is nothing but the concept. And that is yet to happen in the future. Some people say that, This whole Metaverse will come up in coming 5 years. But on the other hand some say that it will take many years to come.

So now let’s talk about the concept of Metaverse. As the name sounds it is a whole world in itself, but the artificial one. In this we have to wear a headset just like the VR headset. If you don’t know about It don’t worry I have a detailed article on that. And you can read it here.

Now coming back to the topic, so after wearing those special headset you can enter into the virtual world aka Metaverse. You will enter that world not as your original self instead your avatars will represent you in that world.

And the concept encompasses various fields like from entertainment to virtual meetings to work. And can be much more than that. Moreover, you can customise your avatar as per your choice that you will be sending in that world.

Now let’s have a look where the word came from.

Where did the concept Metaverse came from?

The word Metaverse was first seen in the novel Snow Crash. This dystopian cyberpunk novel was written by Neal Stephenson. Moreover it was released in the year 1992. Also, an online multiplayer game whose name is Second Life has similar concept like Metaverse.

In this you can customize realistic avatars, meet other online players and can do lots more stuff. Adding to that, I have also played a PC game named The SIMS also has a similar concept. And can differ from one another to some extent.

So now let’s talk about the projected Pros and Cons related to this Metaverse concept. And we will try to understand the Metaverse concept in deep with its advantages and disadvantages.

Expected Advantages of Metaverse:

  • Buy Virtual Property: If you want to buy a property in that virtual world then you can do so. Not only that you can buy virtual clothes for your avatars and customise according to your needs. There might be a possibility that your virtual property such as homes and lands can generate revenue while you are relaxing yourself on a beach. And rest possibilities are endless.
  • Much secure Systems: As the mode of payment will be digital so we can expect digital currencies. And in that digital currencies we may find various cryptocurrency as a medium for buying or selling goods and services. Adding further, these cryptocurrencies will definately have Blockchain Technology to function properly on Metaverse. This will ultimately make the financial information of people safe.
  • Custom Environment: You can enjoy the custom made environment and that too will be made by yourself. It does not matter, your physical house has a good view of nature or not. But in Metaverse you can customise your home environment as per your needs.
  • Meet With Friends: How about meeting with friends in virtual avatars. No matter where you are on earth you can virtually meet your friends and can play games in a virtual 3-dimension world. It will be super cool right? Moreover it will become much better experience if you can feel the touch of your friends with additional equipments. And the possibilities are endless.

So these were the some projected advantages of this kind of Virtual world, and now let’s see the disadvantages of this concept.


  • Headsets: Wearing bulky headsets for going into the virtual world for long hours can cause strain into your eyes. And can also cause headaches. For the headsets to be comfortable it will be better if it comes in the design of spectacles. But again having this much of high technology in small parts is the big challenge for the company.
  • Health Issues: Living more in a virtual world of metaverse and less in the real world may cause some problems. People may find themselves relaxing in the artificial world leading them to forgot about the important issues of real world. Also, they may start taking avatars more seriously than their real looks. Adding to it, people may ignore importance of good health while living in the Mertaverse.
  • Owner of the Virtual World: In the real world no single person is the owner. But consider the world of Metaverse there will be a single owner that is Mark Zuckerberg. And to have control of the whole virtual world into the hands of a single person is somewhat concerning to me.
  • Tracking: As you will do your activities in the artificial world, your each activities will be tracked. And the owner of the digital environment will make a lot of money by targeting ads as per your activities. Also, from time to time we have witnessed the issues related to user data. And that raise the question, is it safe to go inside of Metaverse?

So these were the some disadvantages that came into my mind. Now let’s wrap up this article with a conclusion.


In conclusion we can say that Metaverse will be a very exciting technology that is yet to come. But it can have several adverse effects on the life of people as well. And those I have mentioned above. But the main important thing is that whether this technology will adopted by the mass population or not? And the answer to the question is nothing but the time. Time will give most of the answers to the questions like these. What do you think on this topic mention your thoughts in the comments below. And Thanks for reading the article and will see you on the next one.

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