How To Speed Up Windows 10 PC For Free [11 Easy Ways]

How to speed up Windows 10 PC

After using windows for longer period without any maintenance can make it slower. Reason can be anything like increase in the amount of junk files, fragmented Hard Disk drives, and so on. Whatever the reason may be, I have listed ways by which you can speed up your windows 10 PC to some extent. So, without wasting any minute let us jump onto the ways and they are: 

Disable startup programs to speed up windows 10 PC:

We need to install various software applications to perform our day-to-day tasks on computer. It may make the windows 10 startup slower. The obvious reason will useless startup programs. There may be several programs that starts automatically when the system is booted. Those programs are commonly known as startup programs. And disabling the unnecessary startup programs will improve your Windows 10 pc experience. To disable startup programs, follow these steps: 

  • First launch the task manager to do so, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard. Or alternatively you can right click on the taskbar and select task manager from the given menu. 
  • After that click on more details to open various tabs present on the task manager. 
  • So, at this point of time there will be several tabs presented to you like processes, performance, App History and so on. 
  • From all those tabs select startup tab to open a list of startup programs. 
  • Click on the least important program and then click on the disable button present below. 
  • And that unnecessary startup program will be disabled. Repeat these steps if there are more unnecessary startup programs. 

Shut off windows tips and tricks:

When using Windows 10 pc you may want to view tips and tricks related to the OS. Well, if you ask me that whether these tips and tricks are really helpful. Then my answer will be NO. So, to make windows 10 PC more faster you need to turn off these tips and tricks option. Follow the steps below: 

  • Click on Start button. 
  • Select Settings. 
  • After that go to System > Notifications & actions 
  • Uncheck the box showing “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows”. 

And you are done. 

Turn off search indexing to speed up windows 10 pc: 

Allowing search indexing on your pc can allow you to search more quickly than pc where search indexing is turned off. Well, if your computer has low specs then allowing search indexing on windows 10 computer can degrade the overall performance of the system. So, to turn off indexing follow the steps below: 

  • Type services.msc on windows search box and hit enter button present on the keyboard. 
  • Services app will appear.
  • Search “Indexing service” or “windows search” from the provided lists of services. 
  • Double click on it and the window that will appear select “stop”. 
  • After performing these steps reboot your machine. 

You may notice a little bit slower search on your pc, but this will give you an overall boost in the performance of your system. 

Disable animations, shadows and visual effects:

Windows 10 Operating system has genuinely nice shadows, animations, and visual effects. These generally do not give any impact on the performance of High-End PCs. But if in case your pc has low configuration, or it is older then it can cause performance issues easily. To turn off follow the steps below: 

  • In windows 10 search box type “sysdm.cpl”. and hit enter button. This will open the system properties dialog box. 
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab and then click on the “settings” in the performance section. 
  • This will bring the performance option dialog box on the screen. 

You will see the variety of animations and special effects present on the list. If you have enough time, then you can check and uncheck options provided to you. Or if you want that windows automatically adjust settings for best performance then you can do so by selecting adjust for best performance. You will see considerable change in performance of your pc. 

Disable transparency:

When using windows sometimes or mainly most of the times you have seen transparent taskbar below. Disabling this transparency can give performance improvement to your pc. So let us see how to do it. 

  • First go to “settings”
  • Then Go to Personalization > Colors 
  • Scroll down to transparency effects and turn the “slider off”.  

Turn on Automated windows maintenance: 

Windows performs maintenance tasks in the background. It does system scans, hardware diagnostics and so on. It does so in order to ensure that windows 10 is running at the peak performance. If this feature is turned off by mistake, then you can turn it on to have best PC experience. 

Defragment your HDD to speed up windows 10 pc: 

When you use hard disk for many months it becomes fragmented. By fragmentation I mean that data on the Hard disk drive is stored in a haphazard way. So, when user opens any program, the computer system needs a good amount of time to get the required data to start the program. This ultimately slows down your computer. 

 The good thing is that it can be fixed without spending any money on additional software. Type “defrag” in the windows 10 search bar. It will open up disk defragmenter first click on analyze on your selected drive. It will take less to more time depending on the hard disk fragmentation. After that if you see the status that the disk is fragmented. Then click on “optimize” to defragment your hard disk drive. 

It will take some time and after that you will see a performance boost on your pc. You have to repeat this thing on weekly basis for best results. Also, you can do this manually or can schedule automatic disk defragmentation. This will definitely speed up your windows 10 pc

Note: – Disk defragmentation is applicable only to hard disk drive and is not for Solid State Drive (or SSD in short).

Disable game mode:

If you are gaming person, then there is no need to tell you about the game mode. Game mode optimizes pc to play games such that gaming experience can get better. But in case you are not a gamer then this can cause some issues in your computer performance. So, for that situation it’s better to turn off the game mode. 

To turn off the game mode go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode and turn off the toggle switch. 

Note:- By default game mode is “switched on” on your computer. Even if you don’t play games.

Uninstall unused programs: 

This step is quite simple and sometimes useful. Removing the programs that are no longer in use is best to free the C drive where windows OS is installed. And more free space on C drive will result in faster PC. 

Restart windows 10: 

Sometimes after switching on the computer system, it does not start correctly so it may get fixed after restarting the computer system.  

Turn on Storage Sense: 

Turning on the storage sense will definitely speed up windows by clearing junk files present in the C Drive. To enable storage sense go to Settings > System > Storage. And turn on the toggle switch.  

Note: – Set the interval for deleting the files in the storage sense.

That’s all for this post, do not forget to comment the method(s) helped you to make your windows 10 pc smoother and faster. I have shared enough points that will speed up windows 10 pc. Thanks for reading the post I will see you in the next one.

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