Free Android Icon Packs Worth Trying In 2023

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If you are that kind of person who does not like the manufacturer supplied icon packs then you are at the right place. I am saying this because in this post I will cover five different free Android icon packs that you should try this year.

If you don’t know ,then let me tell you that there are several amazing free Android icon packs are there in play store. And the best part is that you do not have to spend any money to try these. Moreover, one thing you should note that not all pre-installed Android launchers support the use of custom icons.

So for this post, I will stick with Nova Launcher to customize android icons. If you don’t know about android launchers then you can read this post here to clarify all your doubts. Also we will talk about how to apply custom icon packs using Nova Launcher at the end.

So without any further delay let’s jump to the icon packs lists.


Icons in this icon packs are colourful and are somewhat dark. Furthermore, along with icon packs it also comes with different wallpaper collections. And you can easily apply different wallpaper at a time using this icon pack.

Also, there are over 100s of icons for apps ,games and system settings. If any of your app icon(s) do not have custom look, then you can mail the creator of the Viral icon pack to create it. By this process this icon pack app has a long lists of custom icons. Now let’s move on to the next icon pack which is H2O icon pack.

App Link: Link

H2O icon pack:

This icon pack also contains icons that are colourful and have a minimalistic look. Also to use it you should have a compatible launcher. So in our case Nova Launcher is perfectly supporting the H2O icon pack. So now let’s have look at the next icon pack.

App Link: Link

Nexa Icon pack:

Those icons that are inside of this Nexa icon pack has a minimal style icons with pastel colours. Each and every icons are created in such a way that icons gives a minimal look. This icon pack has more than 5000+ icons.

Moreover, it has a category based icons grid. And also like Viral icon packs this icon pack also has hundreds of unique wallpaper collection.

App Link: Link

Lines Free Icon pack:

If you want to have a completely different look of icons then this icon pack is best suited for you. The concept of this icon pack is that, the design of the icons are made by simple lines as you can see in the image above.

Just like other icon packs ,this icon packs also has wallpapers collections like skies, cloud, landscapes etc. Also when talking about the number of icons it has about 2,100+ icons. And all icons are clean, hand crafted flat & simple white flat HD Icons. Whereas the full version has about 4000 icons in it.

App Link : Link

Minma Icon Pack:

And at last but not least we have Minma icon pack. When talking about this icon pack it is somewhat similar to the lines free icon pack. But icons are more stylish and colourful when compared to lines free icon pack.

This icon pack is my personal favorite as after using several icon packs, I found that this takes the look and feel of the icons to the next-level. Moreover, as I have mentioned in this post this icon pack is also free as other icon packs on this list. Furthermore, It has over 1000 custom icons available in it.

App Link: Link

How to apply Android icon packs in Nova Launcher?

Steps are very simple to follow and they are:

  1. Go to Nova Launcher settings.
  2. Then tap on Look and Feel option.
  3. Then select Icon style and you will be provided with a list of custom icons that are installed on your smartphone.

Final words:

There are several icon packs available in Google Play store to choose. I believe that these listed icons packs will deliver considerable change in look and feel of your android smartphone. If you use a different icon pack then please do mention in the comments section below. And thanks for reading the post till last. I will see you in the next post.


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