8 Best Yify Alternatives To Use In 2024

Best Yify Alternatives To Use


In this blog post, you will discover the 8 best Yify alternatives. For those who don’t know what Yify is? let me tell you it is a torrent website. Also, the name of Yify has been changed to YTS. So now the question arises what is a torrent? In simple terms, a torrent is nothing but a computer file that contains metadata.

Usually, a torrent file has the extension of “.torrent”. With the help of torrent files, one can download various multimedia files such as audio files, videos and so on. Also, a point to note about the torrent files is that they actually do not contain the digital files in themselves.

Furthermore, there is also a need for a special software program for reading torrent files commonly known as Torrent client. Some popular examples of torrent clients include u torrent, qbittorrent, etc.

Not only those torrent clients but also download manager software program named Free Download Manager can also download torrents. Let’s have a brief overview of how a torrent works and after that, we will see the alternatives to Yify or we can say YTS.

How does a torrent work?

To first understand how a torrent works we have to first know about the traditional file sharing setup. Suppose there is one server and four computers let’s say A, B, C and D are requesting a big file to download from that server at the same time. What will happen now, that the server will be able to provide files to those four computers for downloading. But the efficiency of the server will be reduced.

Now let’s assume that 50 more computers are requesting the same big file for download from the same server. So the server might not be able to provide the same big file to every computer as the load on the server will be too much. Also, the bandwidth of the server will be exhausted soon. For those people who don’t know what the bandwidth means, then in simple terms, it is the capacity of the server to transfer data between servers and computers.

So when we talk about torrents then this is not the case. In the torrent system, When a computer let’s say “A” downloads a file from the server the first time then after the download completes. Then along with the server or main computer from which Computer A has downloaded the files. Now the Computer A also becomes a server here.

Moreover, let’s say Computer B also wants to download the same files. Then what will happen now both the computer that means the initial server and computer A both will help computer B to download the files. And when computer B downloads the files completely, then the initial server, computer A and computer B, all will now act as a server. So in this way, it differs from the traditional file sharing setup.

What are Seeders and leechers?

Few terms you must know like Seeders and Leechers. So what do these two terms mean? First, let’s talk about seeders, in short seeders are those computers that have completely downloaded the files which are present in the torrent file. On the other hand, leechers are those computers who are still downloading the same torrent files on their computers.

To find out seeders and leechers on a torrent website they are usually mentioned by S and L. S means Seeders and L mean leechers. Another thing to see about torrents is their health. Take this example if there are 200 Seeders and 50 Leechers of a torrent file. Then the torrent is considered to be healthy.

Furthermore, healthy torrents can give you higher download speeds. But download speed also depends on your ISP( short for Internet Service Provider). Conversely, if a torrent has a much higher number of leechers and few amounts of seeders then the torrent will no longer be considered to be a healthy torrent.

Note: Torrent Lists mentioned ahead is for informational purpose only. We do not support the downloading of copyright-protected content.

Best Yify alternatives to use this year:

This is one of the most popular Torrent sites among many torrent users. This torrent site has a variety of torrents categories. Also Using this torrent site you can download movies, music, TV shows, wallpapers, and so on. It has a simple and easy to use interface.

If you want to download movie torrents but somehow for any reason, Yify isn’t working then 1337x is another best option for you. This torrent site is well designed from the Index page to search pages. In addition to that, it has various categories of torrents to choose from. Like it has movies torrent, games torrents, music torrents, documentaries, animes etc. Also, it has a trending section for trending torrents and one does not require to do manual research for that.

There is no need to introduce this torrent, it is a very popular torrent site. And for any reason, Yify is not working. Then Kickass Torrents can be a good alternative to it. In fact, on this torrent site, you can see the tags cloud on the top of the site. And those tags indicate the common searches that happen on the KAT(Kickass Torrent) website.

This is another popular torrents destination if YTS is not working. This torrent site has one feature which is not commonly seen on any other torrent sites. And that feature is Torrent Health. As I have mentioned above in this post, torrent health is one of the crucial factors to look for.

This is another torrent website that you can look for if Yify is not working. You may face problems while searching for torrents due to their ads. But overall this is also one of the popular torrent sites due to which I have listed this here.

This is another torrent website that shows the health of the torrent. And it can serve as a great alternative to YTS or Yify movies. It is always advisable to go for that torrent that has good health. If you’ll not do so, you might never get your intended files downloaded due to a dead torrent.

Zooqle is a new name in the world of torrent websites. Even if it is new, it is making its user base among torrent lovers. And it can be a great alternative if Yify is not working in your country. Furthermore, Zooqle has a variety of torrent categories. And it includes apps, games, music, movies, software and so on. Another thing about this torrent site is that it has a special separate section for most seeded torrents. And that will be directly or indirectly helpful for torrent websites users.

This is a decade old Torrent site that can serve as a replacement for the YTS website. EZTV was established in the year 2005, and after running for the successful 10 years, it was shut down for a large duration of time. But you will happy to know that it is now up and running.

Final thoughts:

I hope that this post has given you in-depth knowledge of torrents. Along with that, I have listed 8 alternative torrent websites for Yify. And that’s all for this post. And thanks for reading the post. Also, don’t forget to comment your thoughts below and I will see you in the next post.

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