10 Powerful Apps To Make Your Life Unbelievably Awesome

Shivendra Nath


In this post, we are going to look at 10 powerful apps. And those apps will help you in life at some point or other. Most probably I have divided these 10 apps into 5 types you can say. And in each type, we have two apps.

So at the first, we will cover about best password managers for android smartphones. Then apps especially for readers, then files manager, video editors and at last but not least image-related apps. So without any delay let’s deep dive into these apps.

Password management Apps:

1.Bitwarden password manager:

As the name says, Bitwarden is a password management application. It stores website credentials along with other sensitive information. And those include personal information, credit card numbers and ID card information.

You do not have to worry about the stored details as the encrypted vault is used by Bitwarden. Another great thing about this password manager is that stored data can be used easily and efficiently. Also, It has three plans available Free Tier, premium and family.

You can choose any of the plans according to your requirements. Moreover, Encrypted storage of 1GB, vault auditing, USB key with 2-factor Authentication compatibility and logging in with biometrics are its additional features. One more thing to note about Bitwarden is that it is cross-platform. all these features make it a more powerful app.

App Link: Bitwarden

2. Dashlane password manager:

Dashlane password manager is also a cross-platform password manager. Firstly, it is combined with the android auto-fill functionality. This removes the effort of copying and pasting the user credentials, which is a great thing. And the second thing about it is that it has both free and premium plans available. Talking about the free plan, you can use it on one device and can store a max of 50 passwords.

App Link: Dashlane

Best Apps For Readers:

3. Aldiko Book Reader:

With this amazing book app, you can read books on your android smartphone on the go. In the app, One can browse thousands of books and then can store them in a personal library. This app allows users to adjust brightness, background colour, font type and font size. In addition to that, it has page turn mode.

Its features include in-app browsing, switching between day and night themes, custom navigation mode, resuming reading etc. It has plenty more features that make this app the best among other apps.

App Link: Aldiko Book Reader

4. Feedly:

Feedly was first released in the year 2008. It is nothing but a news aggregator app that is available for both Android and iOS Users. Moreover, the main task of Feedly is to combine the news feed from different sources. And then it customizes it, thereafter it is provided to its users.

One more thing to note about Feedly is that it is available as a cloud service also. One can use this app to stay updated on any kind of topic. And that includes social media posts, blogs, news, RSS Feeds, digital publications, etc. This is the most powerful app to date.

App Link: Feedly

Files Manager Apps:

5.Files by Google:

This app is provided by Google. When we talk about its basic functionality it includes browsing files, files transfer from one smartphone to another without the internet. It keeps smartphones clean by clearing out the junk files that are generated due to android smartphone users. In addition that files are present in an organized way by this app.

It consists of three tabs which include clean, browse and share. The clean tab offers to clean the junk if present, allows removing duplicate files and old unused photos. This ultimately makes frees up a lot of wasted space.

The browse tab enables to browse files present on the android smartphone such as music files, images, important documents and others. And the last tab, the share tab allows users to share the files with other smartphones having the same app installed in offline mode.

App Link: Files

6. Solid Explorer:

There are many features that make this another important file manager app for android devices. Its features include dual-panel navigation, access cloud storage, Hide files and folders, encrypt and decrypt files and lots more. In addition to that, it can also create an FTP( File Transfer Protocol) server and can store and extract files also.

App Link: Solid Explorer

Video Editing apps:

7. KineMaster:

KineMaster is a video editing app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It consists of several helpful features that can help you in producing high-quality videos. Moreover, It is easy to use and that makes it suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

This app supports multilayered audio, videos and images which makes it quite useful. KineMaster consists of adjustment tools like brightness adjustment, hues adjustment and many more to create a uniformity in the video that is edited.

Videos that are edited using this application can be easily shared on social media for a wider reach.

App Link: Kinemaster

8. FilmoraGo:

FilmoraGo is another popular video editing app that can perform many great things. Like it has Elements, themes and effects for you to use in your video projects. It has a beautiful and clear cut interface that enables users to navigate easily in the app. Moreover, it is easy to import and export files while using this app.

But you have to remember that not all effects are free to use, which means for some effects you have to pay. So now the time is for the last type of app for this blog post that is image-related apps. So let’s go through it.

App Link: FilmoraGo

9. Snapseed:

You can alter the look of your picture with a single tap. You can perform brightening of images, smoothen images along various other features present in the app. It mainly depends on gestures to control its filters and tools. This app is best suited for the serious mobile photographer to fine-tune pictures on the go.

App Link: Snapseed

10. Google Photoscan:

When talking about this app as the name suggests, it is a photo-scanning app from Google Photos. It enables users to scan a photo using their phone’s camera and then store it into the phone. With this app, you can digitally scan the documents easily and quickly. You can also take a glare-free and best shot with the enhanced digital scan.

App Link: Google PhotoScan

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