8 Fantastic AI Video Generators You Should Know In 2023

Shivendra Nath


At the time of writing this article AI based tools and services are rapidly increasing around the world. And all of these tools and services are available at the fingertips of the users thanks to the internet. Apart from popular Artificial Intelligence based smart assistants such as ChatGPT, Google Bard etc.

There are other AI based tools that are also available in the global market, which we should know about. So, in this article I will be talking about the 8 most amazing AI based text to video generator tools that you can use in 2023.

Runway Gen-2 (text to video tool):

First on the list is Runway Gen-2 AI video generator that you can use right now. Before Gen-2, Runway was able for the video-to-video generation with the Gen-1. But with the updated Gen-2 you will be able to create videos straight from the text prompts. In order to use this AI video generator, you have to simply mention the scene, camera angles, and other details for the video to be generated. And after that it will generate mind-blowing results.

Even if you want to include an image of your choice in the video then the good news is that you can do so. There is a facility to add image to your prompt. Coming to the pricing of this text-to-video AI tool, it is almost free to use. You can create almost ten 720p resolution videos of about 4 seconds each.

Besides the free plan, Runway Gen-2 also offers paid plan of about $12 per month or ₹ 983.89 per month. If you purchase the paid plan, you will be able to generate the videos in 4K resolution but for the duration of 4 seconds only. If you are excited to use this AI text-to-video tool you can checkout in the link below.

Link: Runway Gen-2

VideoCrafter(text to video tool):

VideoCrafter is an AI tool developed by the Tencent, that can generate video from text prompts. Furthermore, it has the capacity to create videos up to 8 seconds length along with that it supports various resolutions.

Also, there are three different options available by which you can use VideoCrafter to generate videos. And those options include text-to-video generation, personalized AI video generation with the help of LoRA and controllable video generation. One common thing that you should note about all of these three options is that you will be able to generate videos from scratch.

Another thing to note about the VideoCrafter is that you can run this tool on your machine locally. But in one condition if you have a powerful GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with a minimum of 7GB VRAM. But don’t worry if you don’t have powerful GPU on your system. Because you can try Hugging Face Demo that is present online to use the tool. Coming to pricing, it is free to use.

Link: VideoCrafter


Third on the list, Synthesia is an Artificial Intelligence based tool that can help to generate professional AI videos and that too within a few minutes. There are various things that you can perform with the help of this AI tool.

Like you can create video documentation, tutorials, presentation, sales pitch, and so on and so forth. In this you can’t create videos straight from the text prompts. Instead, you will get the option to choose over 140 different AI avatars and can transform any text into speech in 120+ languages. With the help of this tool, you can create videos quickly, you just have to input the video script. Coming to the plans, you can create one free video with this tool and if you want to purchase the paid plan you have to pay $22.50 per month or ₹ 1844.73 per month.

Link: Synthesia

Lumen5(text to video tool):

Lumen5 is an AI based video generation tool. And you can use this AI tool to turn your text into eye-catching videos. Moreover, you can use this tool for marketing and brand awareness purposes. Or you can even try it for personal use. To be specific you can create interactive stories with just only few clicks.

The important thing about this tool is that it is simple to use. This means it has no complex user interface and a common user can utilize this tool. You have to simply provide a script for the video, and it does the rest of the task. Like it finds out the perfect layouts in accordance with the script you provided, and it also overlays the video content with attractive backgrounds.

Coming to the Lumen5 plans, it has both free and paid plans. Talking about the free plan which is named as “community” will generate videos with Lumen5 watermark and will generate videos of 720p resolution.

Coming over to the paid plan, it has four variations of the paid plan named Basic, Starter, Professional and Enterprise plans. Basic costs about $29 ( ₹ 2376.61) per month, whereas Starter and professional costs about $79( ₹ 6474.20) and $199 (₹ 16308.43) per month respectively. While Enterprise pricing is not disclosed on the Lumen5 website.

Link: Lumen5

DeepBrain AI:

DeepBrain AI is another easy to use and powerful text-to-video generation AI tool. This is best suited for newbies in the field of video creation as it does not require editing experience for the video creation. Furthermore, this tool can help you to save both time as well as money. It is also simple to use, and you have to simply input your video script, choose a template and an avatar for your video. And then just see the magic of the videos created by the DeepBrain AI.

Another big plus point of the DeepBrain AI text-to-video tool is that if you struggle to write the script, then this tool will help you to generate the script for your videos with the help of ChatGPT AI. The only con is that it does not offer a free plan, instead you can go for the paid plan if interested. Talking about the paid plan of DeepBrain AI, it has three variations of the paid plan that include Starter, Pro and Enterprise. Starter costs about $30 (₹ 2458.56) per month and Pro plan costs about $225 (₹ 18439.18) per month. Whereas Enterprise pricing has not been revealed on the website.

Link: DeepBrain AI

Nvidia’s Latent Diffusion Model:

Nvidia’s Latent diffusion model is capable of generating high-resolution videos with the help of text-prompts. To be specific it can generate amazing videos at 1280 x 2048 resolution at 24 fps. You can create videos of 5 seconds length and if you want videos with longer duration, you can do that as well. Like you can generate 5 minutes longer videos with this AI tool at 512 x 1024 resolution. In addition to that, you can also add several images as input and can generate personalized AI videos.

Link: Nvidia’s Latent Diffusion Model

Meta’s Make-A-Video:

Meta’s Make-A-Video tools can also generate videos from the text inputs. With this tool you will be able to create realistic, bizarre, and personalized videos straight from text, images, or video input. In addition to that, you can also create motion videos from a single image.  Currently it is not open to the public, but you can request access from Meta after signing up.

Link: Meta Make-A-Video

Google Imagen Video and Phenaki:

Currently Google has not yet released its text-to-video models to the public. But it has revealed about the projects that the company is working on. Google Imagen Video can generate HD videos in the 1280 x 768 resolution at 24fps.

 Another model on which the search giant is working is known as Phenaki, it can also generate videos straight from the user’s text prompts. At the time of writing this article both AI text-to-video tools are unavailable for the public use. But if you want to know more about the models then you can read the research paper available on the website.

Link: Google Imagen

Link Google Phenaki  

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