How To Connect WiFi Without Password [3 Easy Ways]

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In this internet age one cannot forget the importance of internet providing Wi-Fi Networks. And it becomes much interesting and useful when we are able to connect to WiFi network without putting password. Reason can be anything be it you want to share internet from your Wi-Fi network to your friends.

Or you may be providing Wi-Fi internet to your customers be it coffee shops, Hotel rooms, service centers and the scenarios are countless. In this How -To guide I will be mentioning 3 ways by which you can connect to Wi-Fi without putting password. And at last Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)section will be present in this article that will further educate you with respect to Wi-Fi networks.

NOTE: Make sure you have sufficient permission from the Wi-Fi network owner to connect to his/her network by ways mentioned in this article.

Connect To WiFi Without Password By WPS:

First of all, let’s know What is WPS? So WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Moreover, It is nothing but the network security standard that facilitates easy connection of devices with the wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. Talking about the WPS it was developed way back in the year 2006 by Wi-Fi Alliance. Since from that time it is widely adopted on all wireless routers as well as mesh Wi-Fi systems.

Please note that up to Android version 9 WPS method will work. And from Android 10 onwards this method will not work as from Android version 10, Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol was introduced. One more thing to note here is that, Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol is also known as Device Provisioning Protocol or DPP in short. So, let’s see the steps by which one can connect to WiFi without password with the help of WPS.


  1. Head over to the settings page of your smartphone.
  2. Then go to “Networks and Internet Settings” part.
  3. After that go to WiFi Settings and then tap on “Advanced Option” Button.
  4. Then simply tap on “Connect by WPS Button” option.
  5. This will start WPS handshake protocol and you will get 30 seconds to push WPS button on your router. In case your router doesn’t have WPS button then it will surely have WPS pin you can use that to connect devices to WiFi network without password.

Share your WiFi QR code to other devices by Settings:

  1. Choose that mobile which is already connected to WiFi network. Then head over to Settings and navigate to Network & Internet. After that tap on Internet option.

  1. Then tap on the gear icon of preferred Wi-Fi network.

  1. After that, a screen will open just like below then tap on share. This will open QR code for the selected Wi-Fi Network.

  1. And at last to connect the device with that WiFi network take device and tap on the QR icon to scan WiFi QR code and to connect with the internet.

So, by this way you can connect additional devices to WiFi network without password simply by scanning QR Code. Please note that these steps are applicable from Android version 10 and above.

Replace Your Password With QR Code:

Imagine a situation if somehow you will be unable to generate WiFi QR code, then look no further in this section I will guide you the exact steps to create WiFi QR code. Such that you can connect to WiFi without entering password. For that go to This site is amazing like you do not have to create any account to generate WiFi QR code. Plus it suggests additional apps for both Android and iOS to read the QR code contents.

  1. First Enter WiFi Name and note that this field is case sensitive.
  2. Then choose encryption method from drop-down.
  3. And at last enter the correct password for the WiFi and click on Generate button. And Tada your WiFi QR code is created and you can scan with handheld devices and connect to the WiFi network.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q1. How can I connect my iPhone to WiFi without password?

Ans: Simply launch built-in camera of your iPhone and scan WiFi QR code provided. And when “Join [SSID] network” appears on the screen simply tap on it. And then your iPhone will be connected to the WiFi network.

Q2. Which band is fast 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

Ans: 5Ghz band internet is faster than 2.4Ghz band internet.

Wrapping Up:

I hope that this article has provided you the solutions to connect WiFi without password. Do not forget to comment which method(s) you consider to be best for your use. And please share this article with your friends and family if they don’t know about these methods. So, I will see you in the next post and keep visiting Novadroid360 Blog.


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