How To Change Font Style In WhatsApp[ Detailed And Easy Guide ]

How To Change Font Style In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging app in the whole world. As per the Facebook, WhatsApp messaging app has more than 2 Billion users world-wide. Also you will be surprised to know that, more than 100 Billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp messaging app. Even it has a large user base but many of WhatsApp users are unaware of few but important features of this app. In this detailed How-To article, I will show you the exact ways by which you can change font style in WhatsApp.

So, if you’re bored of sending same plain text messages on WhatsApp and want to change font style of messages keep reading this article. Plus in this article a bonus topic is present which gives you more flexibility in styling of messages. So without any delay let’s deep dive on the ways to achieve aforementioned result on this messaging app.

Various Ways to change the font style in WhatsApp are:

If you have ever used Microsoft Word or any well known word processing software; then in that software you get the option of making text italic, bold, strikethrough and so on. Some of those text formatting options are also available on WhatsApp messaging app. Let’s see them one by one.

To make Text Italic in WhatsApp:

To make the text italic put an underscore( _ ) on both ends of the message.

Type: _Hello World_

Result: Hello World

To make Text Bold in WhatsApp:

To make text bold place Asterisk( * ) on both ends of the message.

Type: *Hello World*

Result: Hello World

To make strikethrough in WhatsApp:

In order to make strikethrough on a text in message place Tilde( ~ ) on both ends of the message.

Type: ~Hello World~

Result: Hello World

To make monospace in WhatsApp:

In order to make monospace put three backticks(“`) on both ends of the message.

Type: “`Hello World“`

Result: Hello World

Tip : If you don’t want to type these symbols at the text ends. You can achieve the same results by selecting text portion and choose the appropriate styles from the available options.

Bonus: To Change Font style in WhatsApp with the help of An App

If you want basic formatting then WhatsApp has inbuilt feature and we have seen this already in this post. But what if you want to impress your friends with even more stylish text messages on WhatsApp. Well look no further, you just simply have to install an app named Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard by Rural Geeks from the Playstore and you’re good to go.

Talking about this app it is a trusted app with 4.2 ⭐ ratings on the Google Play Store and has lots of downloads more than 10 million. Plus it is rated as safe application by Norton App Advisor which is a good thing to know about this app.

Moreover, this app is FREE you don’t need to pay any money to install this app on Android devices. However, it has few text styles locked; so in order to unlock the text styles you need to watch a video ad after successful completion of video ads you can unlock the selected text style.

Steps to change font style in WhatsApp with the App:

Before you follow the steps it is advised to install the app from Google Play Store. Or you can simply tap on this link to go to the app.

  1. First open WhatsApp and type your message and select three dots.

  2. Simply tap on the Stylish Text option.

  3. A keyboard will open like the below image. Then simply tap on ABC as highlighted.

  4. Select you desired style and send. Now your stylish message is now being sent. An example of the stylish message is below mentioned.

Final Words:

I hope this article has given you clear cut way to making your WhatsApp text messages stylish. If you use any other app or method then please do comment it on the comment box below. So that others can also know that app or method. Also, if you want any help please mention it in comments I will try my best to guide you. And at last but not the least, if you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends and family. Thanks for reading the article and I will see you in the next post. Till then keep visiting Novadroid360 Blog

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