How To Create Polls In WhatsApp [Step By Step Guide]

How to create polls in WhatsApp


WhatsApp messaging platform is improving day by day with many new features. For instance, new community feature was introduced recently. And that feature is now available on Android, iOS and WhatsApp web platforms. Also WhatsApp messaging platform has got call link feature as well. These were few features I have listed about the messaging platform.

There are also several other features that were introduced on WhatsApp in recent months. The another best feature in my view is the creation of polls on the WhatsApp. On Android update of poll feature can be created inside group chats.

Moreover, any member of the group can create polls in WhatsApp. This illustrates that feature is available to each member of the group and not limited to admins of the group. Furthermore, After poll creation on WhatsApp Chat, there are 12 maximum options available to add on that poll.

After the sharing of poll group members can opt out for any option as per their choice. Also, poll gets updated when a new vote is added. So, in this guide I will mention exact steps that you will need to create poll in the WhatsApp and other things related to poll. Excited ! keep reading.

Step by Step Create Polls in WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open any chat on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on the attach button and select Poll option from it.

Step 3: Now you will get space to put up your poll question and two options to add for the answer for the time being.

Step 4: In order to change the sequence of poll options you can use hamburger icon given in the app.

Step 5: Then finally tap on send icon to create poll.

And now your poll will get created in WhatsApp.

Steps to respond poll option:

  1. Choose poll option to select and tap on the preferred option.
  2. In order to remove your vote tap on the same option once more, and your vote will be removed.

Other things related to WhatsApp Poll feature:

If in case you wish to change your vote simply tap on the other preferred option. And at last if you wish to view poll details simply open the chat that is related to poll. And then tap on view votes option.

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