11 Best One UI 5 Features You Should Know About

Best One UI 5 Features

One UI is brought into the existence by Samsung for its Android Smartphones running Android 9 and later version. Since from its initial release of One UI 1 way back in 2019 there has been various versions of One UI released till date.

Of Which the latest version of One UI is One UI 5 which is based on Android 13 released on October 24, 2022. The latest One UI 5 comes power pack with several features That I am going to list in this blog post. So, if you are excited to know those features keep reading.

Features of One UI 5:

Lock Screen Customization in One UI 5:

In the latest One UI 5, Samsung has made easier to customize the lock screen than before. In order to edit the lock screen, you have to simply long-press on the lock screen. For the lock screen customization, you can add widgets of your choice, can also change lock screen wallpaper as well as clock style.

Moreover, you can also make changes to the notification display settings. In addition to that, a live preview will also be shown to you so that you can have a glimpse of customization made so far.

Intelligent Wi-Fi:

If you want to get detailed information about the Wi-Fi network conditions, then One UI 5’s new intelligent Wi-Fi will help you with that. It is hidden in the Wi-Fi Panel and comes with a lot of different features. Some of the new features include Prioritize important data, switch to a better Wi-Fi network and so on.

Not only this you can now get access to the information such as link speed, percentage of channel used and other network information, when you repeatedly tap on the intelligent Wi-Fi option. As doing so will open network’s developer settings.

Call backgrounds in One UI 5:

Call backgrounds feature is available from One UI 4 in which one can set universal call background. In the One UI 5 update you can now set up separate call backgrounds for different contacts. Moreover, the backgrounds can be simple images, video patterns, custom videos, and AR emojis.

Also, these new features were first time provided by Samsung company on their smartphones.

Better Multi-Tasking:

In One UI 5 multi-tasking has become much easier and better. Like to enable split screen mode you have to drag and drop apps on either half i.e., on Top half of the screen or the bottom half. So, this indicates that you no longer needed to launch the app switcher and select split screen to use two apps simultaneously.

Improved Text Extraction:

You can use the feature of text extraction on Galaxy smartphones that are having One UI 5 in them. To access this feature, you will have to launch Gallery app. And after that long press on pictures which have texts in it. Then after that Gallery app will recognize it.

The text which will be highlighted can be further copied, translated, called, or can be looked up in Google Maps.

Camera improvements in One UI 5:

There are plenty of changes done in camera app of One UI 5. To be honest these changes will enable people to become better at mobile photography. Moreover, the camera app provides the facility to watermark your photos.

You can add details such as date, time, model name and so on. Along with that you can also add custom text of your choice.

Changed Notifications Panel:

Notifications panels are also revamped in One UI 5. For example, the look of the notification shade has been changed in which app icons are displayed bigger. This enables to go through different app notifications with ease.

Improved Stacked Widgets:

Much like iOS, One UI 5 brings easily stackable widgets. In order to stack widgets, just drag and drop same size widget over another and then the widgets will be stacked automatically.

Multiple Users:

One UI 5 supports multiple user accounts in the form of profiles on single device and it is available under” Accounts and Backup”.

Improved Notification Controls:

In One UI 5 you have three ways to choose notification types for individual apps. For example, here you can choose whether you want to see notifications on lock screen, as badge and last as pop-up. You can get this option under “app notifications” section.

Other new options in settings:

There is new magnifier feature is added under the accessibility settings. And digital wellbeing page is also slightly revamped when compared to that of stock Android 13.

Okay that’s all for this post let me know which new features of One UI 5 you like the most in the comments below. Thanks for Reading and I will see you in the next one. And don’t forget to share this article if you found it useful.

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