What Is DRM Protection In Video Games?

Shivendra Nath

If you are a gamer then you might have come across DRM. So what is DRM? and What is the working mechanism of it in games? This blog post is going to give all of these information to you in simple and clear terms. And you will understand why DRM protection in games is required.

First of all DRM is an acronym for Digital Rights Management. The main reason responsible for its use is nothing but the usage shift of physical media to digital media. With respect to video games, the sales of digital copies of games has already overtaken physical sales.

Those video games available in digital form has increased the risk of piracy many times. In fact, the games can be cracked easily and made available on the torrent sites, and this act is completely illegal without any doubt.

So, to tackle this situation, several gaming companies enforced the DRM technology in their video games. This strictly force the players to be online every time when they play games.

The DRM uses access control technologies in order to control access to copyrighted content. Moreover, it is also used to maintain content licenses across particular platform. And those platform can be anyone be it Steam, Epic Games, etc.

Not only games, popular streaming platforms such as Netflix also uses this technology to protect its copyrighted contents from screen capture or illegal downloading. Coming back to games, those games which have this technology in it are often criticized as it causes severe performance issues.

Working of DRM in Video games:

DRM working method varies as per the games. Simple Digital Rights Management technology enables video game stores to add a license to your account. After which you can play games but remember you don’t own a game.

You simply get permission in the form of a license to play games. Another thing you need to know that, all big video games store such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games, etc. use DRM to work correctly.

In addition to that, a simple DRM does not require you to be online while playing your favourite video games. And it is helpful as it is not always possible to be online. I hope that this post has given you clear idea about DRM protection in games.

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