KWGT: An Essential Tool For Smartphone Widget Lovers

Shivendra Nath



Android Smartphones are well known for their great level of customisation. And the app I am listing here is none other than KWGT ( pronounced as Kay-widget ) widget customiser. Before we go deep inside about that app let’s talk about what widgets are.

In simple terms, android widgets display some sort of data on the home screen. And also the size is bigger than the size of an app icon. It could be anything from weather widgets to calendar widgets and so on.

When we talk about android widgets they can be divided mainly into two different categories. And those two categories are beautification widgets and functional widgets. For example, beautification widgets can be a clock widget or a calendar widget.

On the other hand, functional widgets can be Google Keep Widget and so on. Moreover, the widget app I am listing here comes in both free and paid versions. So now let’s know about KWGT in detail.

What is KWGT?

KWGT is short for Kustom Widget and pronounced as Kay-widget. In fact, this app does not offer any widgets at all. But instead, KWGT serves as a platform for the developers to create their own different widgets. And at the end we all users will use all those widgets.

Furthermore, It gives much control over each and every element of the widget. You can change the colour of the element, change the shapes of the elements to name a few. When you install it, it may appear like a complicated app. But believe me, it is not that difficult or complicated.

How to Use KWGT widget customiser?

To use it first you have to install the app from the Google Play Store. When you open the play store on your android smartphone just enter the search term KWGT. And after that, you will get two apps named “KWGT Kustom widget Maker” and “KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key”.

The First one is free whereas, on the other hand, the second one is a paid app. The price for the Paid app is nearly about $1.32 USD. So if you want to unlock the full capacity of the app then you can go with the paid app.

This article covers the free version of the app so you can explore it without paying any price. After installing it you will be guided with the basic setup. After going through every step the app will close. As I have mentioned earlier that it serves as a platform.

So the most obvious thing is that after installing the main app you can install the other free KWGT widget apps. And to set up the widget steps are very simple. First, clear the apps from the home screen. Then touch the screen for a longer period and select the “widgets” option.

After that head over to the “Kustom widget” section and select any size for the widgets. After doing so you will get the option for the different free and paid widgets. But you can only use free widgets if you haven’t purchased the paid version.

Select any widgets from the base pack and you will get the option to customise it as per your choice. After that save the widget it will appear on your home screen. Also, you can take the help of the below image. Follow the sequence from left to right for better understanding.

Final Words on KWGT widget customiser:

So I hope that you will like this widget customiser app. If you want a detailed how-to article on this please comment in the comment box and I will bring that How-to article for you. And as always thanks for reading the post and I will see you in the next one.

KWGT free App Link: Link

KWGT Premium App Link: Link


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