Natural Language Processing: Definition And 8 Interesting Applications In The World

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In this post, we are going to know about Natural Language Processing. So what exactly is Natural Language Processing? Natural Language Processing or NLP in short is nothing but the branch of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, this field of AI enables computers to understand the human language and the basis of that computer devices act accordingly. The text and voice by both means we can communicate with the systems having NLP. As NLP based systems can understand it. Although, there are still many challenges in the Field of Natural Language Processing.

When we look closely in our day to day life, we most of the times deals with texts, media files and so on. And in the NLP the system processes that data to know that what we want from our devices. Furthermore, the chance is high in this modern world that you have knowingly or unknowingly interacted with NLP based systems. It can be a chatbot present on any company website, digital assistants,voice-operated GPS navigation systems and so on. And now the time is to look for different interesting applications of the NLP that exists in this modern world.

Natural Language Processing in Text Classification:

Text Categorization is another name of text Classification. In this process, the natural language texts are classified into their correct existing categories. In real life, NLP systems help the eCommerce companies websites, to divide the products with the correct labels. Furthermore, in news apps and in social media we can also see text classification related to news categories and types of social media posts. So now let us see the next upcoming application.

Natural Language Processing in Sentiment Analysis:

Sentiment Analysis is one of the most popular applications of the NLP. The sentiments or emotions are extracted from the given piece of text. Moreover, it is achieved by utilizing various Natural Language Processing techniques. Big companies apply this technique to summarize the feedback obtained about their products and services.

ChatBot/Virtual Assistants:

We usually see chatbots and virtual assistants on bank websites or any website that provides any service. For the general queries that a company may face from its customer. For this matter, these assistants help their customers, and the best thing is that the involvement of human operator is minimal. Also, these bots/assistants are very helpful as they can assist the customers of the company 24/7 with their query, which is not possible for an ordinary human. Furthermore, it does not matter whether the business is big or small almost every company deploys these assistants on their websites. Also, the Royal Bank of Scotland has implemented Natural Language Processing in their chatbot.

Natural Language Processing in Search Results:

When you enter 2-3 words on Google you may have noticed that Google automatically suggests you relevant results. In most cases it happens that you get the accurate solutions to your problems by searching it on Google. Have you ever wondered how Google does this, the simple answer is again Natural Language Processing. Yes search engines like Google uses NLP to autocomplete your search query.

In addition to that, it also shows results for those search terms that you intended to search. From this I mean that you misspelled some words during searching by mistake. And even after that Google search engine understands very well what you are searching for and shows relevant results. All of these things is possible only because of NLP.

Have you ever noticed that when you search for certain products or services somewhere on online. And when you log on to different website you see ads of that particular product or services. So these kind of advertisment is possible because of Natural Language Processing.

With NLP, search phrases or Keywords that are browsed by the user are matched with the search phrases of the product advertisement. If both are same, user receives the ad. This process is usually called Keyword Matching.

Companies found this type of advertiesment really helpful. As it targets those audience which are searching for their products or services.

Machine Translation:

Machine translation or MT in short, is one of the starting applications of the Natural Language Processing. There are many advances in machine translation but sometimes it still faces problems in understanding the context. However, if you are using Google Translate from a long time, you will realise it has come from a long way from its establishment. And all the improvements in machine translation is possible is because of advancements in field of Neural Networks. In addition to that huge amount of data is also helping in improving the Machine Translation.

Text Extraction:

Text Extraction is a process in which the detection of particular information in text is done. It can be anything such as company name, person name, places, and so on. The process is known as Named Entity Recognition. The data Entry work can be done with the help of this application.

Natural Language Processing in Speech Recognition:

Have you ever wondered how assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri or alexa get to know what we are saying to them. This is mainly due to speech recognition. This component is vital to these assistants and you know what this Speech recognition technology works closely with the NLP or Natural Language Processing. so now the time has come to conclude this post.


We can conclude that NLP is very important part of the Artificial Intelligence and is helpful in variety of ways which we have seen above in the post. Also the possibilities of NLP are much more than the one can think of. And the utilization will be much in the coming future. So that’s all for this post. Hope you enjoyed this post and also please share this post to those who need this. Thanks for reading see you in the next post.


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